October 15, 2013


SeqSigma uses your sequencing and analysis goals to design and implement a cost-effective informatics system that scales with your lab.SeqSigma logo

Why you need SeqSigma:

    • You are just starting with next-generation sequencing
    • You need an informatics roadmap that fits within your goals and budgets
    • You need computing power that will scale with your needs

Since we’ve done it ourselves many times, we know how difficult it can be to select the right combinations of hardware and software from the myriad options available.  That’s why we developed SeqSigma.

How SeqSigma is implemented:

    • Using a set of metric-based tools, we develop an informatics roadmap optimized for your sequencing methods and  throughput targets.
    • We help you understand the parameters that matter, and we navigate the many hardware options with you to recommend the right combination of components for your needs.
    • Our roadmaps outline solutions that scale over time, focusing first on your 18 month goals, with expansion points at regular intervals beyond.

With SeqSigma, we help you buy what you need today with confidence!


Download a SeqSigma flyer and other literature.