August 22, 2013

Custom Solutions

Lab7 Systems’ wealth of expertise in high-performance computing, bioinformatics, and next-generation sequencing can be put to work for your company through our Custom Solutions service.

We offer all of the following services and solutions:

System Design and Implementation

  • Complete Software Platform Development:  Lab7 Systems will leverage its ESP platform to develop an integrated software solution to handle your entire NGS workflow, and can include any and all components of the commercial Lab7 ESP customized for your specific requirements.
  • Computational Infrastructure Consulting:  Our SeqSigma™ process uses your sequencing and analysis goals to design and implement a cost-effective informatics system that scales with your lab.
  • Pipeline Development and Optimization:  You can provide us your analysis goals, and we can provide you with a pipeline, or we can take an existing published analysis and create a custom pipeline.  Our DashO3 optimization process identifies computational and dataflow bottlenecks in pipelines and can increase performance from 2-10x.
  • Pipeline Management:  Lab7 Systems will leverage its ESP platform to migrate your existing pipeline(s) to a well-managed software environment.
  • White-label Software Solution:  If you are a kit provider that needs a software bundle to accompany your NGS-based kits, we can provide a full custom bundle with your corporate identity.


  • HPC Training:  Our Ph.D.-level scientists can guide you through the intricacies of maintaining your high-performance computing environment, and teach you how to extract the maximum capabilities out of your infrastructure.
  • NGS Bioinformatics Training:  Lab7 Systems will guide your team trough a variety of bioinformatic tutorials from very basic concepts to more advanced topics, thereby teaching your team what it will need to know to handle the challenges of NGS data management and analysis.

Contact us for more details on any of these services, and to arrange a meeting with our team.