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Integrated Informatics Platform

What makes the Lab7 ESP an Operating System for Your Lab?
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Customizable and intuitive sample, experiment, and protocol management enables rapid assessment of lab operations.

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Analysis Pipeline Manager

A robust task-graph based pipeline manager enables rapid development and deployment of pipelines using any analysis tools.

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Reports & Visualization

Create customized actionable reports from analyzed data and visualize results in genomic context.

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Resource Manager

The platform’s underlying architecture provides deep provenance, monitoring, and security structures ideal for regulated environments.

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We understand that in most labs, the same samples travel through multiple systems. These disjointed systems become a problem, particularly for lab managers who need holistic insight, IT staff who have to manage the multiple systems, and end users who need specific reports.

We created a flexible end-to-end platform that prioritizes a streamlined workflow, the ability to comply with any standards, and strong data provenance. Lab7 ESP handles data from the time it is collected, through processing, analysis, and reporting, and until the indefinite future when it will be queried years after laboratory studies are complete.
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The Lab7 Team

Industry veterans from the worlds of Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Software

Chris Mueller

President & Chief Technology Officer
Chris founded Lab7 having led Informatics at Life Technologies. He’s developed commercial & Open Source software in Industry & Academia. He has a BS from Notre Dame and PhD in CS from Indiana University.

Varshal Davé

VP Sales and Marketing & Chief Product, Positioning, Promotion Officer
Varshal has 15+ years of life science marketing & sales experience, having led Genomics at Molecular Devices. Trained at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Varshal has a MS in Biology from UT Arlington, and an AB in Chemistry from Duke University.

Cheng Lee

Principal Software Engineer
Cheng designed the back-end architecture of the Lab7 ESP. Prior to Lab7 he was a database analyst and bioinformatician at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He holds an MSEE and BSEE from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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